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Welcome to the website for the Office of the Clerk of Courts. The Clerk
 of Courts is an independently elected public official responsible for efficiently maintaining accurate criminal records for the Court of Common Pleas of Lancaster County. 

The sixth most populous of the 67 counties in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Lancaster County has over 519,000 residents. Our department has the responsibility for maintaining criminal records on behalf of those citizens. Each year our office handles approximately 8000 new criminal court records as well as thousands of other tasks relating to constables, private detectives, and bail bondsmen. Since all documents pertinent to a criminal court case must be filed with the Clerk of Courts, our office is sometimes considered the hub of the criminal court system in the County.

We continuously strive to deliver high quality, efficient service to the taxpayer at an extremely low cost. In fact, we are proud to be one of only a few government agencies that is self sustaining - paying for itself and costing taxpayers no money. Through good management, we actually return substantial revenue to the County treasury each year.

Rhonda F. Allen
Acting Clerk of Courts of Lancaster County