Recent Accomplishments

Recent Major Accomplishments
  • Our office slashed the office budget nearly 8% in one year (2012), while handling a record number of criminal filings and other work.
  • Our department is self sustaining - paying for itself and costing taxpayers no money. In fact, through good management, we are actually returning substantial revenue to the county treasury each year.
  • We have reduced processing time for a criminal case file from average of 7 months to average of 14 days.
  • We have replaced outdated, inefficient computers/technology - all without using taxpayer funds.
  • Our department released a five point plan to modernize the whole criminal court system. This plan, along with advocacy from other fiscal conservatives, directly resulted in the first major overhaul of the criminal courts and criminal justice system in decades. This increased efficiency is projected to save Lancaster County taxpayers millions of dollars a year.
  • We have identified nearly 14,000 old criminal cases where the defendants had never paid off their fines, costs and restitution. Launched a major project to file civil judgments on each case. We did this without additional cost or hiring additional staffing. Entry of a civil judgment is when the clerk of courts takes the court’s order for a defendant to pay fines and costs for the criminal proceeding and converts that order into a civil action in the prothonotary’s office. This is bringing in additional revenue to the county.
  • We recently overhauled front desk operations to make them more efficient and customer friendly.
  • Our department began a program to serve county entities such as the prison and solicitor’s office with scanned court and documents instead of hard copies, thereby saving resources and improving efficiency.