Recent Accomplishments

Recent Major Accomplishments

  • Our office now accepts electronic filings for the first time in office history.  Documents can also be filed outside of normal business hours. Information regarding electronic filing can be found on the website.
  • We have reduced the processing time for paperwork filed hard copy with the office from 14 days down to an average of 2 days.  Documents that are electronically filed are processed and served upon the parties instantaneously.
  • We have reduced the size of government by eliminating unnecessary office positions, after careful review, when positions become vacant.
  • For the first time, private defense counsel now have electronic access to case records.
  • Our department is self-sustaining – paying for itself and costing taxpayers no money.  In fact, through good management, we are actually returning substantial revenue to the county treasury each year.
  • We have replaced outdated, inefficient computers/technology – all without using taxpayer funds.
  • Our department began a program to serve county entities, such as the prison, Adult Probation and Parole, and the Solicitor’s Office, with scanned court documents instead of hard copies.  Thereby saving resources and improving efficiency.