About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is to effectively and efficiently maintain accurate criminal records for the courts and citizens of Lancaster County.

The Clerk of the Courts is an independent public official, established by the Pennsylvania Constitution, whose duties and responsibilities are set forth in the laws of the Commonwealth. The Clerk of the Courts is elected by County voters to a four-year term and is the custodian of the records for the criminal division of the Court of Common Pleas.

County Courts In Pennsylvania
County court operations in Pennsylvania involve complex work processes and specialized expertise. A highly trained staff in the Clerk of Courts office is essential in order to initiate, process, coordinate, maintain and archive all the data and documents associated with each case, and have them available to the various users on a time sensitive basis. Numerous County departments utilize case information to make critical decisions concerning incarceration of defendants, drivers license suspensions, and financial penalties.

Our Responsibilities
Each year the Lancaster County Clerk of Courts Office handles approximately 8000 new criminal court records (adult, juvenile and summary). Since all documents pertinent to a criminal court case must be filed with the Clerk of Courts, the office is the hub of the criminal court system in the county. All criminal court related departments in county government rely upon the Clerk’s office for accurate and up-to-date records. All records, with the exception of those involving juveniles, are open to public inspection. The office maintains a staff of nearly 30 employees.

Other responsibilities of the Clerk of Courts include:
  • Processing Bail
  • Assessment and Distribution of Fines and Costs
  • Recording Verdicts and Sentences
  • Reporting Dispositions to State Agencies
  • Licensing of Private Detectives
  • Registration of Constables
  • Recording Tax Collector Bonds
  • Processing of Appeals to State Appellate Courts